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Lens iPhone 11 coque samsung c8 Pro Really Replace coque de samsung j3 Your Camera

Every September, Tim Cook steps on a stage and tells us about the coque iphone 5 survivor new iPhone. There are always improvements processor runs faster, the battery lasts longer, the screen shows better colors, and, of course, the camera takes better pictures. This year, the biggest news by far is the triple camera array on the iPhone coque tissu iphone xs max 11 Pro and coque iphone 6 silicone sao iPhone 11 Pro coque iphone 4 portefeuille Max.

Apple’s marketing department wants you to believe torras coque iphone xs that the iPhone 11 Pro will replace your dedicated digital camera. Will it After spending some time behind its lenses, I can say that, for me, the answer is a solid no, it will not. But I’m not everybody. Let me be upfront: I don’t. As PCMag’s lead camera analyst, I use a lot of different cameras and lenses. They’re my primary tools for imaging. The day before I was handed the iPhone 11 Pro to test drive, I was wrapping up coverage on the Fujifilm GFX100, a $10,000 medium format camera targeted squarely at professionals.

So again, the question isn’t whether the iPhone 11 Pro makes sense as my main camera about what makes sense for you. To figure that out, let’s take a close look at what its triple camera array does well, where it falls short, and what Apple can do to make it better.

Three Cameras, Three Angles

Let’s start by mentioning the standard iPhone 11, which isn’t the focus of this story. It has an coque samsung sm t113 ultra wide lens to go along with its main wide angle 26mm.

The iPhone 11 Pro, which we’re looking at here, adds a third lens with a standard angle view, matching that of a 52mm lens attached to a full frame camera. It’s also sold in a version with a larger screen, the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which has the same camera system and offers identical imaging performance.

The iPhone 11 Pro’s three rear cameras set it apart from previous models. The main 26mm f/1.8 lens has received an upgraded sensor, and the 2x (52mm) lens is brighter, with an f/2 aperture instead of an f/2.4. Each is backed by a 12MP sensor. The ultra wide (13mm f/2.4) lens is all new, and for me, is the most compelling upgrade.

In the iPhone’s Camera app, the lenses coque iphone xs max moxie are identified as 0.5x, 1x, and 2x, which isn’t a bad way to think about them if you’re not someone who is intimately versed in focal lengths and f stops.

I absolutely adore ultra wide lenses for travel. They’re wonderful for capturing the feel of an urban landscape, and coque samsung j3 2016 marrante are equally adept at getting a big view of the wonders of nature. The iPhone 11 isn’t the first phone to include one has offered them for years, and Samsung has had them since the Galaxy S9. But iPhone users tend to stick with iPhones, despite having to wait a bit longer for some features.

The Pro’s 0.5x lens is worth the wait. It shows good detail zoomed in, it’s possible to read street signs at the opposite corner of the intersection in the image above. There’s definitely some barrel distortion. It’s not terrible at distance can see some curvature in the roofs of buildings in the snapshot above. But working close will show it off a look at the side by side shots below, which show the effect when photographing a brick wall up close with the 0.5x camera at the left, and a distortion free view from the 1x camera on the right.

You have to be careful about keeping your finger out of the frame when using the 0.5x lens. I was working with the standard iPhone 11 Pro, without a case, and had to take care to both hold the phone steady and keep my finger out of the shot. I imagine adding a case, or using the larger Pro Max version of the phone, would lessen the issue.

The 0.5x lens is also fixed focus more than a couple of inches away from the phone will be in focus, but it can’t locked coque a6 samsung galaxy 2016 closer than that, or on any specific point. Raw capture isn’t available is for the other two lenses you can’t use Night Shot with the ultra wide lens either.

Apple telephone coque iphone 4 hasn’t done anything to change the optics of the main lens, but does state that the sensor which backs it is new. The actual focal length of the lenses indicates that it’s a 1/2.3 inch design, typical for smartphones and superzoom point and shoot cameras. The 0.5x and 2x lenses are backed by much smaller sensors, 1/3.6 inch.

Practically, you’ll see more blown highlights iphone 5 coque om in shots made with the 0.5x or 2x versus the main lens. Likewise, images shot with the 2x view look a little oversharpened to my eye, but that’s subjective.

Overall, I find the output from the 2x to be decidedly weaker in quality when compared with the 0.5x and 1x lens. The 1x benefits from the a larger sensor, which better handles scenes with mixed light. You can see how the 2x lens clips highlights in the shot of the New York skyline, backlit by the rising sun, above. Compare it with a shot from the full frame Nikon Z 7 above, taken from the same spot with an 85mm lens attached. The sensor captures an excessive amount of information, so coque iphone 6 le labyrinthe film you coque licorne samsung j3 2016 can see details in the shadows without losing the color in the sunlight reflecting off of the moomin coque iphone 6 glass and metal skyscrapers which make up downtown Manhattan.

Apple makes the claim that the three cameras are factory calibrated to match color. I didn’t find this to be the case with the iPhone 11 Pro. The 0.5x and 1x are very close, but images shot with the 2x are consistently warmer, showing greens with a yellowish tint. The following two images were captured moments apart from the same perspective under a clear, unchanging sky and toned using the exact same settings using the Photos app. The greens in the ultra wide shot match what I see from the 1x lens, but they shift toward yellow using the 2x lens.

In terms of speed, the iPhone has long been the gold standard for responsiveness in coque demon iphone 6 phone cameras. The lenses that support autofocus lock onto subjects nearly instantly, and you can snap quick bursts of images just by holding the shutter button down. I did note a few hiccups in field testing, however. The Camera app would lock up from time to time, typically after switching from video to still capture, showing me a grayed out preview screen for a couple of seconds before coming to life. It’s not something I was able to reproduce with consistency, however.

There’s also a front camera. It’s most useful for selfies and FaceTime video chats. It works with the phone’s portrait mode, so you can snap a profile pic with a soft, defocused background, and can shoot slow motion video too. Apple is trying to make slow motion video selfies thing. Shooting in Raw format sidesteps in camera processing and preserves more data for editing in a dedicated application. We use Adobe Lightroom whenever possible.

You can capture images using the iPhone in Adobe’s Raw DNG file format, but you need a third party app to access the feature. You’ll get more out of the phone’s camera system by using the default Camera app, though, even without traditional Raw support and processing.

The app is doing things that traditional Raw doesn’t support. It recognizes scenes that show a big gap in highlights and shadow, activating HDR automatically. This will make for better snapshots, especially when photographing subjects with a bit of backlight.

The iPhone can also simulate the blurred background look you get with a mirrorless camera and wide aperture lens. coque iphone 5 cocker The Pro model offers two angles of view, one tighter option that uses the 2x lens as its main imager, and a wider option that uses the standard 1x lens.

Portrait mode is better all around than in previous generations, but it’s not without some depth mapping woes and general pain points in use. You’ll have to get comfortable backing up a bit coque bape iphone 7 from your subject app will tell you to Move Farther Away if you’re trying to work too tight.

This has been an issue with the iOS Portrait mode since its introduction, though. It happens less often with the 11 Pro, and the brighter 2x lens means iphone 5 coque ferrari that you can use the feature in dimmer conditions than you can with earlier models.

Snapping Portrait shots with the wide (1x) lens is the big upgrade here, though. Last year’s iPhone XR could do it with its single lens, but only with people. The 11 Pro will snap wide Portrait shots of inanimate objects too.

You can adjust the amount of blur after the fact phone will make a guess as to what simulated f stop it uses for the initial render. And, in many cases, this will net more separation between subject and background than you get with a large sensor coque apple iphone xs max cuir compact, like the Canon G7 X Mark III…

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